Connecting you with the music

In The Room analyzes your listening choices and matches you with your top artists for a personal virtual concert

Sync your music

Integrate our app with your Spotify account to receive your listening stats with your top artists

Connect with artists

We’ll match you with artists from your list or similar and connect you for a virtual show

Be In The Room

Sign on to your call to hear the artist play for you and talk with them about their music- and yes you can bring friends!

Experience a new type of show!

We love live music at In The Room. But we wanted to dig deeper. 
That’s why we’re bringing you intimate, virtual concerts and unforgettable engagement with the music you love. 

What our users say

I’m a fan of Joshua Hyslop. But after seeing him In The Room, understanding where his music came from, it's a whole new level for me!

John, Utah

I heard songs played live, just for me, and got to discuss them with the artist. Now, I can't stop playing those songs on repeat.

Andrea, Massachusetts

Talking face to face with my favorite artist was such a special experience.

Siobhan, New York

My In The Room show was amazing. I felt so connected to the artist, and it was much more intimate than a one-to-many streaming show!

Jonas, California

I'm ready, let's go!