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Watch the video of Here It Comes and you’ll get the sense that this is a band with personality.  Belaver is Ben Godfrey former front man for a “doom-folk” band Listenlisten.  I didn’t know doom folk was a thing but now I do.  Ben has a great sense of humor.  He sees the world through a unique lens, and it flows into his music.  
He had 2 other members of his band which was cool.  Everyone, fans, artists, are reconnecting after 1.5 years in a hole.  So it was really fun.  he played us a bunch of songs from his upcoming new record and I cannot WAIT to get my hands on it.  He had a great backstory on Abyss, and shared deep insights into his cover art (again, all back stories that happen In The Room stay In The Room!).  But classic, self-effacing humor from Ben.  We all really enjoyed it and hope to do it again.  
Tom Gillis

Tom Gillis


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