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James Hersey

I first got onto James Hersey with Everyone’s Talking, which is not at all one of his big mega hits, but I just love this song. It’s clear and bright, but at the same time conflicted. This guy has soul. I got further into the Pages EP (2017) and it’s strong top to bottom. So we hit him up for an In The Room show and WOW he did not disappoint. He’s an incredibly talented artist, but also just a lovely, charming person. And it came through in full color during the show. At the time he was holed up at home in Vienna during the pandemic, and he told us how much he liked the connection with real fans.  
Here’s the best part. I invited my 4 friends to this show who did not know James. And now we all hit all his material on the reg. My new personal favorite is Juliette because I loved the back story. The studio track is super dancy, his live acoustic version was just beautiful and a little sad. (And I love sad).
Here’s an acoustic version of his song Forget. Imagine this song, live over the net, with you and your friends. It was really memorable.  
Tom Gillis

Tom Gillis


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