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Joshua Hyslop

Joshua has worked his way onto my playlists a bunch of times.  But Long Way Down really grabbed my attention.  It’s one of those songs that I would wake up singing in my head.  I love the simplicity, the honesty.  I also like how he plucks on this one.  Great range.  But when he told us the back story of this song, where it came from, it just brought the song to the next level.  
We caught up with Joshua in his home studio outside Vancouver.  Joshua is a great guy, and his life stories/experiences kept us all leaning into our computers.  What an adventurer.  What I liked best about Joshua is he’s seen a lot, not always pretty, but he captures it in his songs.  I was already a fan but after ITR I’m a super fan.  If Hallelujah doesn’t move you then you must be a robot or Darth Vader or something.  And the back story, while simple, was touching.  If you do an ITR show with Josh ask him about the female vocalist on this live version of Hallelujah.  (Yes I know but what happens In The Room stays In The Room!).  
Tom Gillis

Tom Gillis


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