We love
live music.

The connection between artists and fans in a small venue is powerful. We’re using technology to help broker connections between fans and the artists they love.
In The Room is not a one-to-many streaming platform. Those already exist. In The Room is a place where artists and their most avid fans connect for a live interactive session. Artists perform in an intimate acoustic setting, with no more than six fans. For these few, it’s a chance to go deeper into the music. Where did this lyric come from? What’s the back story? What was your inspiration? For the artist, it’s a way to connect with their most loyal fans and see the direct impact they’ve made with their music. 

The spirit of In The Room is to help the music community. After covering our minimal costs, all proceeds are given to the artist . It’s important to us that everyone involved in making music happen has the support they need to thrive. All those who have tried In The Room have loved this new way we’ve developed to experience music!

Join us In The Room!